In anticipation of their client’s evolving needs, ANNUA and the KTRADE Alliance have teamed up to offer annuity options via ANNUA’s recently released, ANNUA Direct Quote.
The ANNUA Secure Rewards Card can be offered to 401(k) plan sponsor clients and their employees with the goal of supporting employees to save more for retirement.

Can You Afford to Maintain Your Current Lifestyle in Addition to Healthcare Expenses Throughout a 30-40 Year Retirement?

ANNUA is challenging the status quo around retirement savings. At a time with insufficient account balances and disappearing pensions, ANNUA is helping to pioneer lifetime income features within 401(k)/403(b) plans. Best of all, while employees build an inexhaustible, guaranteed monthly income for life, the employer faces no long-term liabilities or financial risks associated with traditional pensions.

Backed by almost 40 years of experience and a wide selection of the “safest available” insurance companies in the retirement plan market, ANNUA offers a wide range of services to help organizations adopt the best retirement plan features for their workforce needs. We collaborate with plan sponsors, insurance companies and all types of plan advisors and recordkeepers to drive innovation in the retirement income market.