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It’s that time.  After 30 or 40 years on the job you’re thinking about retirement.  The personal freedom, flexibility to pursue hobbies, time with family, travel and more.  For many also comes fear about money. “How long will my savings last? What if I live to age 95? What about the cost of healthcare?  How do I invest my savings. What if a market crash wipes out my savings?”

Social Security benefits can help a little, but for most those benefits fall short of a living wage.  As a result, additional guaranteed lifetime income is needed to address your financial risks of a lengthy retirement.  Fortunately, there are now more cost-effective ways to convert a portion of your retirement plan savings into guaranteed lifetime income.  Rather than pay retail annuity prices on your own, your employer can adopt an institutionally priced annuity option, DietrichAnnuity, within your 401(k) plan.

ANNUA has been brokering individual and group retirement annuities since 1980.  Our Dietrich Direct Quote system can be used within your 401(k)/403(b) plan to help obtain the best annuity prices on your behalf.

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