Our mission is to help employers and their employees plan for a secure retirement. We do this by transforming their defined contribution plans (401(k) or 403(b)) into an investment vehicle that promotes options for both asset accumulation and guaranteed income for life.

Our approach is highly collaborative:

  • We bring plan sponsors and insurance companies together to drive product innovation
  • We work alongside advisors and other service providers to adopt comprehensive solutions
  • We bring fresh, unbiased ideas and work in the best interests of the plan
  • We believe there is room for stocks, bonds and insurance to help retirees secure lifetime income
  • We believe most retirees need more guaranteed lifetime income than Social Security benefits alone

With more than 40 years of experience in providing group annuity contracts for defined benefit plan sponsors for pension risk transfers (PRT’s) along with long established relationships with all of the major insurance companies in the retirement plan space, ANNUA is uniquely positioned to offer innovative insured retirement income solutions to employers offering 401(k) plans and other defined contribution plans.