ANNUA has been working in the retirement annuity market for nearly 40 years as DIETRICH.

As professionals in our industry, we are aware of the major concerns both employees and employers have; the high probability that their 401(k) plan will not provide adequate income throughout retirement. This will continue to be problematic unless new approaches are utilized to develop better solutions.

At ANNUA, we believe innovative, forward thinking solutions to this issue do exist and that group annuity products with lifetime income guarantees can be major part of the solution, in addition to educating and supporting employees to increase their plan contribution rates.

ANNUA was developed to support Plan Sponsor’s and Participant’s need for financial security in retirement. We are focused on developing and providing innovative group annuity funded retirement income solutions for 401(k) and other defined contribution retirement plans.

Our goal is to be recognized as the preeminent, independent thought leader with insured lifetime income solutions for the ERISA-covered retirement plan market. We view success as any engagement that helps an individual retiree or workforce reduce the chances of outliving their assets.