Retirement plan advisors come in many shapes and sizes.  Whether advising on plan assets, legal and compliance matters, or administration and operational issues, one common theme is that all advisors want to add value for their clients by identifying risks and opportunities.

In a world without traditional pensions, most retirees will be unprepared to manage the myriad of financial risks of a lengthy retirement.  This presents an enormous opportunity for advisors.  At ANNUA, we see a future characterized by account-based retirement plans with guaranteed lifetime income features.  This re-introduces a third party to the risk equation: insurance companies.  In fact, this is the only party in the retirement industry that is operated to specifically manage longevity risk as its core business.

DietrichAnnuity and Dietrich Direct Quote system are two topics to raise with any plan sponsor looking to help employees and retirees manage their longevity risks.  We can collaborate and discuss ways to bring annuity options to your client’s defined contribution plans.

  • Investment advisors – annuity options for your client’s investment menu
  • ERISA attorneys – ERISA safe harbor legislation and how ANNUA helps fulfill certain fiduciary duties
  • TPA/Recordkeepers – opportunities to track annuity benefits on your platform
  • Auditors – annuity considerations for employee benefit plan audits

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