As an investment advisor, are you looking for a competitive edge that sets you apart in the 401(k)/403(b) market?  At ANNUA, we see a future (in a world without traditional pensions) where 401(k)/403(b) investment menus are expanded to help employees better manage the financial risks of a lengthy retirement.  This includes:

Lawmakers share the notion that longevity risk management options in 401(k)/403(b) plans are necessary.  Proposed legislation is focused on creating safe harbors to guide plan fiduciaries in the selection of insurance carriers for providing annuity contracts within these types of plans.

The QLAC is one vehicle to help retirees manage the tail risks in retirement.  In turn, it can help employers better manage an aging workforce.  Investment advisors who expand their client investment menu conversations into these longevity risk management topics can have a competitive advantage.  Why not partner with an annuity brokerage expert such as ANNUA to take your client and prospect conversations to the next level?

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