Insurance Companies

There are roughly 15 companies that qualify as a “safest available” annuity providers in the retirement plan industry.  Competition is tough and products are constantly evolving.  Nonetheless, fixed group and individual pension annuities provide a good business mix to complement other insurance lines of business.  Looking over the competitive landscape in this hot market, it’s important for an annuity provider to gain more exposure to plan sponsors opportunities and to differentiate themselves to win more business.

Retirement plan sponsors create the demand and drive the evolving annuity market.  Insurers react to that demand in the form of product customization and pricing adjustments.  ANNUA is in the middle to bring plan sponsors and annuity providers together.  We broker more pension buyout transactions than any other provider.  In addition, our DietrichAnnuity and Dietrich Direct Quote system were designed to facilitate and institutionalize the payout annuity quote process on behalf of 401(k)/403(b) plan sponsors, their retirees and the insurance industry.

Ultimately, the Dietrich Direct Quote system can help your company generate a larger pipeline of opportunities and reduce your quotation backlog by allowing ANNUA to generate preliminary pricing in a matter of days rather than several weeks.

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