October 25, 2018

How Retirees Can Pensionize their 401(k)s and IRAs

In a world of defined contributions, American workers have three challenges — inadequate savings, leakage (or loans/early withdrawals) tied to their retirement accounts and the need for retirement income.
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Compare and Contrast: Income Annuities and Savings Contracts

Based on the results of a new CANNEX study, advisers who are looking to provide clients with guaranteed income should seriously consider both income annuities and savings annuity contracts that offer GLWBs.
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Should Plan Sponsors Purchase Annuities for Their Pension Plan?

David Davala, with Findley, discusses considerations for defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors before deciding whether to transfer some of their pension risk to an annuity provider.
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Dietrich Co-hosted Webinar with OneAmerica: Securing Guaranteed Income in Retirement

DIETRICH, a leading national pension risk transfer company, specializing in providing insured institutional solutions to plan sponsors interested in transferring risk from their retirement plans, recently co-hosted a live educational webinar with industry leader, OneAmerica on strategies for lifetime income options in defined contribution plans.
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LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute: More than Half of Consumers Would Choose Guaranteed Lifetime Income Over a Lump Sum Payment

Two-thirds of pre-retirees say having enough money to last their lifetime is one of their top three goals of retirement.
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