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No, Really, This Time is Different in Retirement Income

By Josh Cohen

“This time is different.”

We’ve heard it before. We heard it when technology stocks were skyrocketing in the late 90s, and then just before the real estate bubble burst a decade ago. 

In a similar vein, the discussion around retirement income in defined contribution (DC) plans has that same feel. Since joining PGIM two years ago, the topic has come up in at least 80% of the discussions I’ve been having with large plan sponsors and consultants, and it has been a recurring theme incorporated into conference agendas and other industry events. I knew given PGIM’s expertise in asset allocation and liability-driven investment (LDI), as well as Prudential’s broader experience with providing guaranteed income options in plans, that it would be a topic of conversation. But even still, I’m surprised by how much it comes up.

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